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· Alternatively referred to as documentation or end-user documentation, a manual is a book or pamphlet that contains information about a program or piece of hardware. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary. The manual is usually either a physical document (book, booklet, etc. manual (plural, first-person possessive manualku, second-person possessive manualmu, third-person possessive manualnya) 1. IPA(key): maˈnu. a manual, a handbook 2. Meaning of reference manual.

Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3. . It gives you examples of how to use manufacturers comprehensive performance data, calculate pressure losses, and control noise” (ACCA). The core of the manual is its body.

User&39;s manuals and operator&39;s manuals serve as a guide and. noun A written guide, handbook or text. manual m or n (feminine singular manuală, masculine plural manuali, feminine and neuter plural manuale) 1. The Systems Manual focuses on operating, rather than maintaining the equipment, particularly interactions between equipment. Aside from the title page, a manual may include: 1.

These HVAC guidelines apply to any residential unit that has a HVAC and exhaust system: 1. Or, a video game may come with a manual explaining how to play it. Once you have the load calculation completed using Manual J, Manual S shows you how to select the proper equipment for the job, providing “sizing requirements for 11 types of cooling and heating equipment, as well as in-depth explanations and examples of how to use manufacturer’s performance data” (ACCA). Definition of manual (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : a book that is conveniently handled especially : handbook an instruction manual. A visual of the subject matter of the manual is often included to get this point across. Manual T has to do with your HVAC’s air distribution. used to describe a vehicle in which the driver has to change the gears, or a feature of such a vehicle: He was driving a manual car when he only had a license for an automatic.

Boris will follow the recommendations outlined by Dobrin et al. How to use bimanual in a sentence. (2) Of or pertaining to the hands. It’s used for 2 things. As adjectives the difference between manuel and manual is that manuel is manual while manual is performed with the hands (of an activity). The manual is in addition to the O&M Manuals submitted by the contractor. Manual is defined as a guidebook that tells you how to operate something or do something. Information and translations of reference manual in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

(Balearic, Central) IPA(key): /mə. Poor ductwork design can seriou. It is generally expected that guide are shorter, concise and more to the point than manual. manual adjective (1) Done by hand; not automatic. A table of contents, especially if the manual is more than a few pages long. book of instructions, instructions, operating instructions. After you have determined the heating and cooling loads (Manual J), selected the right HVAC equipment (Manual S), and figured out how to distribute the air (Manual T), you can now design the duct system (Manual D). The first part of a manual is known as its front matter.

These manuals provide: An in-depth description of the classification system logic and structure; Listings of the groups; Background information and some discussion of the development process. manual m (definite singular manualen, indefinite plural manualer, definite plural manualene) 1. (music) manual what definition manual (organ keyboard) 3. An instruction manual is a "How-To" set of instructions. ) or an online resource. And if the manual covers a dangerous subject matter, such as handling of dange. manual, a booklet that instructson the usage of a particular machine. It is most literally work done with the hands (the word "manual" comes from the Latin word for hand), and, by figurative extension, it is work done with any of the muscles and bones of the body.

Systems Manual means a manual providing to the current and future operating staff the information needed to what definition manual understand and optimally operate each system. Borrowed from French manuel, Latin manualis. Hyphenation: ma‧nu‧al. If you are an HVAC contractor or home energy rater, you know what Manual J is and how important it is for properly sizing an HVAC system. Hyphenation: man‧u‧al, man‧ual 4. manual - of or relating to the hands; "manual dexterity" 2. · A manual system is a bookkeeping system where records are maintained by hand, without using a computer system.

‘An exquisite piece of workmanship, it is operated by a manual lever and recreates the sounds of the harp, harmonica and piccolo. (of a device) operated or controlled by hand, rather than automatically or electronically. After running a Manual J calculation, Manual T helps to answer questions like: Where will supply and return registers go? The author of the manual should also be listed. A manual is expected to give more in-depth information and instruction than a guide.

· A manual is a book which tells you how to do something or how a piece of machinery works. Operations manuals are similar to procedures manuals, but are focused on daily work activities. manual (masculine and feminine plural manuals) 1. Manual definition, done, operated, worked, etc. What type of grill, vent, or diffuser will. This is where Boris will provide step-by-step guidance to the users of the new software. ‘a manual typewriter’.

What does reference manual mean? A manual is a musical keyboard designed to be played with the hands, on an instrument such as a pipe organ, harpsichord, clavichord, electronic organ, or synthesizer. What does manual labor mean? A system involving data processing which does not make use of stored-program computing equipment; by this somewhat arbitrary definition, systems using other types of tabulating equipment, such as the card-programmed calculator, are considered to be manual. A manualis a document that provides instructions or guidelines on how to perform an activity and serves as a reference book on the activity. instruction manual - a manual usually accompanying a technical device and explaining how to install or operate it. “It shows you, in step-by-step detail, how to select, size, and locate the supply air diffusers, grilles and registers, and the return grilles.

The title page should also be dated with a version number to keep track of revisions. manual - requiring human effort; "a manual transmission". Ductwork design is extremely important to prevent air and energy leaks, in addition to humidity and moisture problems.

(weightlifting, fitness) a dumbbell. · Definitions manuals are complete guides to coding classification systems. manual operation definition in English dictionary, manual operation meaning, synonyms, see also &39;sign manual&39;,manually&39;,manubrial&39;,manuka&39;. The first section is the title page, which should be written in such a way as to notify the reader what the manual is about.

More example sentences. Procedures manuals explain how a work activity is to be performed. Dwelling units in multi-family attached structures (condo and apartment units) 4. Borrowed from Latin manualis, or English manual (“handbook”). Project Manual means a written volume assembled for the Trade Contractor Work by the Trade Contractor what definition manual that includes specific instructions to the Project Team setting forth the requirements, policies and procedures for performance and execution of the Trade Contractor’s Design Services and Trade Contractor Work. Introduction to the Company – It’s an easy way for your new hires to get up to speed with the company operations. Bimanual definition is - done with or requiring the use of both hands. Consequently, part of Boris&39;s job will be to prepare a manual for employees.

a manual (handbook) 2. Boris works in the IT department of a large company and is about to implement a new custom software program that will be used by most employees. Borrowed from Old French manuel, from Late Latin manuāle (“handbook, manual”). manual c (singular definite manualen, plural indefinite manualer) 1. Manual, a bicycle technique similar to a wheelie, but without the use of pedal torque Manual, balancing on two wheels in Freestyle skateboarding tricks The Manual (How to Have a Number One the Easy Way) is a 1988 book by Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty. For example, a company may have a procedure for reporting an incident of sexual harassment or workplace discrimination. (colloquial) manual, handbook.

(US) IPA(key): /ˈmænjə(wə)l/ 3. For example, a restaurant manager may have a set of activities he must perform before opening for business. Something manual is operated by human hands.

The term ‘manual’ or ‘guide’ both usually refer to a document whose main aim is to provide information or instructions. . Since the software is new and proprietary to the company, not only what definition manual will employees have no experience using it, but also there will be no outside learning aids available. Only 10 percent of the vehicles sold in Canada had a manual gearbox. used to describe a vehicle in which the driver has to change the gears, or a feature of such a vehicle: He was driving a manual car when he only had a licence for an automatic. That which is employed or used by the hand, of which a present profit may be made. See full list on study.

2 days ago · Manual work definition: work involving the hands, as opposed to an office job, for example | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Log In Dictionary. manual therapy Direct patient contact mobilisation designed and performed by a licensed physical therapist (PT), or supervised assistant, which is intended to restore joint or soft tissue mobility and reduce joint contracture. It is usually written by. Manuals are flexible documents that can be used for different purposes: 1. Manual S contains a lot of information regarding equipment sizing, ventilation, and airflow, taking into consideration sensible and latent heat, amount of airflow, and static pressures. For example, if the manual is about operating a particular copy machine, a visual of the copy machine may be included on the title page. For example, a company&39;s policy manual may address matters such as the company&39;s vision and mission, the company code of ethics, and employee guidelines relating to work activities, compensation and benefits. See full list on happyhiller.

Single-family attached structures (row house or town house) 3. Policy manuals explain and outline the principles and rules of an organization. Single-family detached structures, duplex structures, and triplex structures 2. See full list on en. This book contains instructions and material needed for developing, implementing, and maintaining 13 different types of accounting manuals. An equipment, tools and parts list if the manual provides guidance on installation, repair or maintenance.

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